Friday, 22 October 2010


This was on our Love Film list due to a recommendation from a friend. I might add, a usually trustworthy friend! He did say it wasn't really a child's film, that is was all about grief. That's fine, there was the underlying story of loss. But it just didn't jump out at you the way Monsters INC or Finding Nemo did. The main trouble really was Russell. Yes, that's right. Finally my name gets recognition in a film and he's a fat, irritating, incompetent kid. He's supposed to be a Wildlife Explorer, but it comes across as if he's never left the couch his fat ass was born on.


Now I know it's a cartoon, but an 80 year old man jumping around and swinging off ropes is just daft, and it wasn't done in a tongue in cheek way, just part of the plot. And though I did find the daft talking dog quite amusing (in an otherwise bland film), why was the bad guy breeding talking dogs?? And why was Alpha's voice squeaky? Because it was broken? Woop de doo. Would it not have been funnier to have seen him inhaling helium? That's what it sounded like.
Everyone agrees I think that Cars was a flop. Don't know, haven't seen it, don't want to. But I think UP was definitely a down for me.