What on Earth is Blogalongabond?

Back in January 2011 the whimsical blogger The Incredible Suit made the most excellent observation that the 23rd James Bond film would be released in November 2012. That's 23 months away, enough time to watch one 007 film every month until the newest instalment is released! The moment of genius came when he invited movie bloggers around the world to indulge themselves in this double-O heaven, and post their musings on each film so that the world could rejoice in all things Bond.

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Here are my thoughts on the 007 films so far, in order of preference:

Casino Royale,
You Only Live Twice,
The Living Daylights,
License to Kill,
Quantum of Solace,
Tomorrow Never Dies,
On Her Majesty's Secret Service,
Live and Let Die,
The Spy Who Loved Me,
For Your Eyes Only,
From Russia with Love, 
Dr No,
The World is Not Enough,
The Man with the Golden Gun,
Die Another Day,
A View to a Kill,
Diamonds are Forever,

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