Friday, 8 October 2010


A brief synopsis of the plot:

Luke Skywalker Eragon lives on a farm on a planet furthest from the bright centre of the universe miles from anywhere, with his Uncle. When he buys 2 droids finds a dragon egg, the evil empire King Galbatorix (Malkovich) hunts him down to again destroy the Dragon Riders. Helped by ex- Jedi knight Dragon Rider Obi-Wan Kenobi Brom (Irons), Eragon evades capture, only to find his Uncle killed by the Empire Sorcerer Durza's (Carlyle) assassins (his homestead even burns!). The dragon hatches, and Eragon learns to ride it.

One day night Luke Eragon is training sleeping, and has an image of Leia Arya as a captive of Vader Durza. Then follows a shot by shot copy scene of Luke Eragon leaving Dagobah camp, with Obi-wan Brom trying to dissuade him, saying that it is he, Eragon, that the Emperor Galbatorix wants, that is why his friends have to suffer. Luke Eragon get up on his X-wing Dragon looking down on Obi-wan Brom saying he has to go. (Honestly it's shot by shot!!).

Anyway, the princess Arya is rescued, Obi-wan Brom is killed at the hands of Vader Durza during the rescue. They seek out the Rebel Alliance Varda, who are intent on bringing down the Empire King Galbatorix. There's some kind of a Helm's Deep scenario at the end and Eragon kills Durza. 

Anyway, I'm bored of this. You get the idea, no novel ideas at all!! Star Wars plot (there's even a binary sunset shot FFS!!!!), shot like Lord of the Rings. Awful film.

Oh, and Eragon has a suit of armour at the end like he should be dancing on ice! Very spangly looking, many sequins!