Friday, 8 October 2010

There Will Be Blood

If MI2 was a film that said "Look how cool Tom Cruise is!" (though nothing beats Top Gun for that!), then There Will be Blood is the film that says "See how Daniel Day Lewis is a damn fine actor". From the first dialogue-less 15 min of the film, to the final "I drink your Milkshake" scene, Day-Lewis really owns the screen. He really grabs you by the ears, and doesn't let go. Though you start to want to shake him off as you realise he's become a greedy, power hungry oil magnate.

Maybe my one criticism of the film is the soundtrack. Composed by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, it can often be as random and jarring as Radiohead can be. For example; when the oil well explodes, Jonny's music is very industrial sounding, which works; but it's very loud and goes on and on and on. I think in this instance the music really pulls the viewer out of the film, rather than just adding to the atmosphere and immersing the viewer further, which surely music should do.

Though this is only a minor gripe, and the film really is great; there's even a cameo from The Mummy's Benny!