Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Sunday Scene: Moon

Having watched Moon a couple of times this week in preparation for starting up a Google+ live hangout, I thought that it would be appropriate to subject the film to the Sunday Scene treatment. I think the hangout went well, apart from a couple of technical hitches, and hopefully I might be able to include some more people next time. Anyway, on with the scene, which will contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen Moon, go and see it first!

My favourite scene is quite a short one, but the moment half-way through the film where Sam fights with his clone is very pivotal to the film. It marks the point where "New" Sam starts to work together with "Old" Sam; instead of largely ignoring him "New" Sam is now more interested in finding out the truth. As a result of the fight "Old" Sam is easily injured, and it is from this point that he really starts to fall apart as we begin to understand that the 3 year contract is simply the life span of a clone.

Of course the other feature that makes this my favourite scene is the fact that the viewer never doubts that Sam Rockwell is fighting himself! Through some very clever shooting and editing, using doubles and a bit of CG face replacement, the whole fight, though short, is utterly convincing. Of course part of the trick is the actor's ability to sell it, and Sam Rockwell's performance, as it is throughout the film, is fantastic. Like I say, quite a short scene, but perfectly executed and a pivotal moment in the film.