Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Sunday Scene #8 Serenity

This week's Sunday Scene is perhaps a  bit of an indulgence because I think Firefly is so ace, but I really love the steady cam shot at the beginning of Serenity. For those not in the know, Firefly is a pseudo-western Sci-Fi series created by Joss Whedon; however brilliant all the fanboy geeks think it was (and it was), the first series was never completed as the show was cancelled. Serenity is therefore the feature film that finished off the series, tied up all the loosed ends (to an extent), gave the fanboys some closure, and is really good to boot!

At the beginning of my chosen scene there is a perfectly executed blend of CGI, models and a little live action as the camera zooms into Mal and Wash in the cockpit; this is followed by a really cool "intro to the crew" as the camera tracks Mal around the ship trying to calm people down/explain what's going on. This is all done with the same kind of humour that made Firefly so good, and Joss Whedon's script is great as usual for this series.

Of course if you have never seen Serenity or indeed Firefly, then this doesn't mean an awful lot; but if you have any Sci-Fi leaning then I would urge you to go and buy the Firefly box set right now, and Serenity.

I promise that I'll spend a bit more time preparing my Sunday Scene next week, as this was a bit rushed and blurted out!