Saturday, 11 September 2010

Respect the C*©k!

From what I had heard before, I thought that this was a love it or hate it film; and initially I thought I was going to love Magnolia. From the story of the guy trying to commit suicide by jumping of a tall building, but accidentally being shot (while falling) by his Mum; to the seemingly arbitrary but intriguing use of the number 82 everywhere; it set itself up as being very involved film, requiring keen observation and very probably a second viewing.

However, after the initial set up, what we got was an overbloated, self-loving 2.5 hour, interesting, but rambling film (in MHO). The very first stumbling block for me was Tom Cruise shouting "Respect the Cock!", I just didn't feel the character was believable from Tom. I also couldn't see how John C. Reilly's character couldn't see that Jimmy Gator's daughter was a junkie; not very good observation from a cop. I did think that William H. Macy's character was good though (well, William H. Macy was good), previous child genius, confused sexuality, stealing from boss to fund dental surgery to impress the guy he loves!

I thought towards the very end that the film was about redemption: dying father/estranged son, gold-digger wife who ultimately falls in love with dying husband, gold-digger wife/estranged son, estranged mother/junkie daughter, junkie daughter/cop and so on. But then the genius kid tells his Dad that he should treat him better, and the Dad just tells him to go back to bed. Oh, and then it rains toads!!

I'm afraid it didn't really do it for me. If you want to see a film where random people affect each others lives watch Crash!

                                          (Respect the hair! And up yours if you don't!)