Monday, 13 September 2010

Inglorious Basterds

This is one of those films I think is really great because everyone speaks the language they should (similar to Zwartboek). The Germans speak German, the British and Americans speak English and the French speak French. Brilliant! There is some cross-over but it's all done well.

I guess I generally like World War 2 films anyway, as long as they're done a bit differently (Zwartboek, Downfall, Enemy at the Gates, erm Where Eagles Dare?); and this is unmistakably Quentin Tarantino. From the irreverent casual chat between characters (which Christoph Waltz does so well) to the particularly gruesome, bloody violence. There is even some very similar camera tracking movements to Kill Bill, the main lobby of the cinema with it's staircases particularly reminded me of The House of Blue Leaves restaurant.

Brad Pitt is generally great in films anyway, and here is no different, even if we can only understand half of what he is saying! I guess my only slight criticism of the film would be that Tarantino's burning desire to once again produce a soundtrack that people will love, results in some funky tunes being used that I though were totally incongruous to the film. The effect for me was to jerk me out of the film and disrupt the atmosphere/involvement with the film. Only a minor gripe though; loved it really.

Best bits:
1, Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz), having been so smarmy and spot on throughout the film, suddenly looking terrified in front of Aldo Raine at the end of the film.
2, Aldo, Donny, and Omar try to speak Italian.
3, Stiglitz putting his pistol in Major Hellstrom's crotch, and knifing him in the head in the ensuing shootout.
4, The reaction of Shosanna Drefus when Landa approaches the table in the café.
5, Anything Brad Pitt says generally!