Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Robin Hood (2010)

If I was being really facetious I would say that the closing credits were the best part of Robin Hood. The paintbrush effect animation of key moments of the film, exactly like the Scott Free logo, was really cool. The fact is, that between my wife’s insistence on having the subtitles on because she couldn’t understand Russell Crowe’s mumbling accent, and the boy crying/not wanting to go to bed, I wasn’t really in this film. Rubbish accents aside (Scott Grimes’ character was supposed to be Welsh?!), I’m sure it’s really quite a good film (Gladiator in Tights Mel Brookes?), with some explosive action, impressive looking sets and a refreshing take on how Robin becomes an outlaw. I think I was just distracted. I thought that Cate Blanchett was a very good Marion Loxley; a strong character as she should be, but not the usual obvious Disney princess type that we usually get lumbered with. The other stand out character was Godfrey, played by the excellent Mark Strong. Like I say, I’m sure this is quite a good film and I’ll have to give it another go sometime when I can give it more attention.