Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tell No One (2006)

While Alexandre is on holiday with his wife Margot in a cabin on a lake, Margot mysteriously disappears. When her father IDs a body as Margot’s, Alexandre is stricken with grief, but the case is closed. Now 8 years later Alexandre receives an email with a link to a live video feed showing Margot healthy and very much alive, and the message: Tell No one.

So begins an enjoyable thriller as Alexandre tries to find out the truth about what happened 8 years ago. It is an enjoyable film, the highlight of which is a very spectacular car crash. Unfortunately, when the final truth comes it is an over-complicated stodgy explanation that involves too many characters, and ultimately is not satisfying. There are some nice touches, like the tree Alexandre always re-visits in his mind that is of sentimental relevance; until he is finally reunited there with his wife. However it is the complicated exposition that for me prevents this film from being a really cool French thriller.