Monday, 26 September 2011

The Lovely Bones (2009)

So, I wasn't really paying attention when this was on telly (I think I was booking holiday stuff), therefore my observations may not be entirely accurate. Consequently this review is just of my general impressions.

I think I'm right in saying that the film is based on a book; and I could see how the idea of a murdered girl discovering the afterlife and helping her family find her killer could work in a  novel. But adapting this idea for a film was a very ambitious project, and I'm not quite sure that Peter Jackson et al really pulled it off. Like I say, I wasn't entirely paying attention, but it felt a little disjointed, and the afterlife sequences were particularly confusing (rather like the beach scenes towards the end of Tree of Life).

The cast however were mostly excellent. Saoirse Ronan gives another incredibly mature performance, she really has played some very demanding roles, and hasn't really failed at all as far as I'm concerned. Mark Wahlberg was alright, that is he wasn't really annoying. Rachel Weisz was good (as far as I remember) and gave a very emotional performance. Stanley Tucci was the best by far. He was superbly creepy throughout the whole film, being secretive and smarmy, yet with the potential to snap at any moment.

I have a feeling that this film came in for a lot of criticism when it was released, maybe some of it was deserved; though I suspect it might be because it was quite a confused interpretation of what I suppose was quite a challenging source. Some of the special effects were definitely spectacular, I just wonder whether the film was too reliant on them. I think if the two main lead characters hadn't been so good, then my overall impression might not have been so good.