Monday, 18 July 2011

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Michael Douglas isn’t happy with his family life (attractive wife (Anne Archer), daughter who looks like a boy), so he has an affair with a woman who looks like a man (Glenn Close). It turns out she is a psycho who likes to put small fluffy rodents in pots. Actually, Michael doesn’t seem that unhappy with his family, but having met Glenn Close in a restaurant he ends up having an affair all the same. Really don’t know why.

I wasn’t really paying attention while this was on TV so I can’t comment too much, though it did seem to have quite a sinister edge because I was never quite sure what Glenn Close’s character is capable of. I really didn’t know what the bunny boiler reference was all about, I previously thought that it was a euphemism for a gold-digger! No, apparently it means she boils a rabbit! I guess I just got annoyed a little bit that MD didn’t cut GC out of his life sooner.

Anyway, I’m sure this an alright film in an 80s kind of way.