Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Raid (2011)

It would almost seem an obvious thing to say the The Raid heavily influenced Dredd (which I saw at the cinema upon release in 2012; only just seen The Raid), but it seems that principal photography started on Dredd before The Raid was released, so similarities are pure chance, presumably.  You just can’t help the comparison though, even the Dredd music is reminiscent of The Raid.

But I’m not doing a double bill, this is about The Raid, which is an indonesian film directed by Welsh-born and raised director Gareth Evans.  Go figure.  As stylish as it is brutal the film certainly doesn’t pull any punches.  The setup is very simple: a squad of armed police aim to take out a crime lord by getting into his building and fighting their way to the top to get to him.  That synopsis doesn’t do it justice; there are a few twists, but it is the simplicity that makes it so good allowing the director and choreographers (one of which was the director!) to create some incredible sequences.

Made in glorious bone-crunching, bloody gritty-o-vision, The Raid is a very watchable (if violent), sometimes toe-curlingly ferocious film.  But, you know, that's just, like, my opinion man.

Direction Star 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gif
Cast   Star 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gif
Plot Star 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar half.gif
Specific Star 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar half.gif

OVERALLStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gifStar 1.gif