Saturday, 25 August 2012


We’re starting to race towards the end of August,and I realise that I’ve not written anything this month yet. Between watching lots of Olympics, a weekend away walking in Crianlarich (West Coast of Scotland) and my folks coming to stay, I have had little time to blog. Well that’s my excuse anyway. I’ve no idea how I’ll cope when I become a Dad for the first time in December!

It is almost the second anniversary of FilmsrRuss. Yes I’m almost into the terrible twos! So I hope I don’t get all cranky and stroppy, and hopefully normal service will resume soon. It’ll have to; Die Hard 2 last night, Die Hard 4.0 tonight (clearly ITV4 doesn’t think it’s worth showing Die Hard with a Vengeance!), Bridge on the River Kwai at the moment, and I must watch Die Another Day for Blogalongabond tomorrow! So I have to get busy.

This is Russ for FilmsRruss; we're done here.